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transforming cities is more than a physical change. It has to do with a variety of psychological, social and cultural attributes. Looking at the city in a holistic approach is the only way to make a meaningful change.

Understanding and adapting the physical space to the needs of society is crucial to creating better cities. We plan and design urban intervention for short- and long-term to make this change.

Good urban design is fruitless without people using it. We create together with cities and residents good programming that helps streets, neighborhoods, and communities to flourish.

We understand the process of city making and the complicated network of stakeholders that cities are made of. Using a transition theory, we shape a path to better places.

It is easy to agree that we need to create more sustainable, healthier, happier cities. It is another thing to make it happen.

We already have a great many solutions to our urban challenges and tools to accelerate the necessary change. Together with an experienced multidisciplinary team of urban planners, social innovators, psychoanalysts, creatives, transition theorists and other change-makers, we can start now.
We come up with creative ideas, rather than the most complex and expensive ones, to help cities to unleash their true potential. We are not afraid to try things out, experiment and use tactical urbanism to kick-start a change. Using co-creation process, we genuinely involve citizens and stakeholders in making their city a better place. We inspire others to make their city inclusive, sustainable, healthy, happy – a Humankind City.
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