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Humankind is a multidisciplinary collective, accelerating the transition towards urban happiness for all people.

About us

We love cities. They are exciting places of awe and joy and can bring us comfort and social interaction. But being human in a city is a challenge since cities often seem inhuman places. We are facing polluted air, congested roads, social exclusion, and other urban problems. Many of us can’t keep up with the ever-increasing pressure of city life and suffer from mental health issues like stress and loneliness. It is time to transform our cities into places that are kind to humans and create urban happiness for all people.

Let us start creating that HumanKind City today. We already have a great many solutions to our urban challenges and tools to accelerate the necessary change. Together with an experienced multidisciplinary team of urban planners, social innovators, psychoanalysts, creatives, transition theorists and other change-makers, we can start now. Through research, experiment and design, we help cities to unleash their true potential and become inclusive, sustainable, healthy, happy – and therefore successful for all.

Our Team

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Lior Steinberg

Co-Founder & Urban Planner

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-Founder & Creative Strategist