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What we are working on

It is a challenge to keep our growing cities moving.

We need to innovate, but technology alone won’t do the job. We believe in active mobility: walking, cycling, and green public transport at a human pace. Mobility gives us access to places, so in order to create an inclusive city, it is essential that mobility is accessible for everybody. We call this happy mobility.

Healthy lifestyle by design.

Cities face many public health challenges, such as obesity, asthma, heart disease, traffic fatalities and, increasingly, mental health issues. Therefore, it is important to build active cities, fostering healthy lifestyles which promote physical and mental fitness. Urban design can create inclusive playgrounds and urban gyms, but must always work together with our communities.

Urban happiness is always a subjective experience.

But we do know what citizens’ basic needs are in order to be as happy as possible in potentially stressful environments like cities: Excellent public space that stimulates social connections, for example. We study and design the interaction between our built environment and human emotions.

Many solutions to create an inclusive city are clear and meet basic human needs.

But some urban challenges can only be solved by looking at them from a different angle.
With our experience in grassroots organisations, we know how to involve different communities and groups, creating programs that activate and empower.