Creating the active city

Every city wants to be an active, healthy place where everyone can play sports and move around freely. Yet, we are facing a global pandemic of physical inactivity. Creating an active city is a complex challenge that requires an integral, systems approach. Read more.

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Let’s get into action and create a city that activates everyone!

What we can offer to you 

Humankind comes from the world of social innovation, urban design, and sports, and gained extensive experience in creating places and programs for people, together with people. We work with passionate and curious clients on human-centered active cities.








Moving Vision Groningen

Recipes for an active future for all

Target group: multi-generational, inactive citizens

Oosterkade Urban Gym

Co-creating a public gym for all citizens.

Target group: teenagers, young adults, children

Places for People, Basel Square

From parking cars to playing children in Tel Aviv

Target group: families

Body & Mind Gym

Pop-up gym raises awareness about urban happiness and training both the body and the mind.

Target group: young adults, elderly, families

Empower Girls Out of Poverty in Argentina

Using the power of sports for development

Target group: girls

Noorderpoort Court

This court is used not only by the school’s students and staff but also by the neighborhood’s residents.

Target group: high schooler, young adults, children

 Selected work 

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