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Data & Insights
Human powered analytics for better city making
Cities are complex systems, created and experienced by complex beings. To make them better we need better insights. It is not the lack of data, it is the lack of connections and interpretation. Let's help you create better public space by combining spatial analysis with system & trend research. And future-proof it by what matters most... the humans that make the city into what it is.
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System and Trend Research

No urban place or topic can be analyzed well in splendid isolation. That is why we always view what we research in relation to other places, to other topics, to what is going on in the world around us. 

Public Space Analysis

Good public space defines the quality of life of every city. It connects, entertains, invites, moves us, gives room to breath, gives us space to be human. We map what makes a public space good and translate this complexity into tangible metrics and data.

Human Insights

To understand the city is to look beyond numbers, by really analysing what humans do and desire. We co-create our data together with citizens, using innovative participatory tools. Not only studying behaviour, but asking the questions behind the question.

The Street is Lava

Analysing urban accessibility for people with disabilities

What we can do for you

Good Public Space Analysis

Every city wants to put its citizens at the center of the planning process. A great objective, but what does this mean in practice? 

Kick-start your project with our public space analysis helping you and other citizens define what makes a public space good, healthy and thriving.

Making Sense of Data

Lost in data? Let us guide you, defining what matters most, connecting the various stakeholders with our visual language tools.

Participation Tools

Our participation tools don't just check the box, but create the best possible experience to truly listen to what people have to say.

Want to know more about our urban data solutions and insights for better city making? Contact Lior. 

Lior Steinberg

Co-founder & Urban Planner

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