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From talking to doing

Humankind is specialized in accelerating urban change towards cities that are human and kind to ourselves, others and our planet. Read more about our vision.

Human Central
  • Driven by a deep interest in what makes humans tick, putting our well-being central.

  • Going from what people say and want to what they imagine, feel and dream.

  • We see people as experts of their own experience.

  • Breaking down silos by bringing people from various backgrounds to the same table.

  • Diversifying perspectives and experiences so we can build on our collective knowledge.

  • Tapping into the human superpower of collective creativity & imagination. 

  • Transition management made actionable;

  • We cannot predict what’s coming but we can help cities, municipalities and organisations be better prepared to deal with uncertainty;

  • Translating the complexity of living together into human stories and the everyday lives of people.

Our Approach

We apply a combination of transition management with design research in an iterative process to make sure we are not only designing things right but also designing the right thing.

Make Sense

Understand and make sense of the world and data we have today.


Valuing experimentation and creating new narratives and stories for our shared futures.


Creating the conditions and sharing our knowledge with others.​

Dounble Diamond - Humankind colours.png

Adapted from the British Design Council (2021)

Our team

Our team

We work in a holistic approach with a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, creatives, transition theorists, communication specialists, social entrepreneurs, psychoanalysts, etc.


Lior Steinberg

Co-founder & Urban Planner

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Mario Raimondi Pruss

Partner & Urban Change Specialist

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Pedro Gil Farias

Design Research & Speculative Design

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
meetHK_irene 1.jpeg

Irene Verde

Communication & System Designer 

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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Nuria Ribas Costa

Communications Officer & Researcher

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Marta Nosowicz

Urban Planning Assistant

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Our network partners


George Liu

Online Education Strategist & Mobility Researcher

  • YouTube
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Luisina Perassi.jpg

Luisina Perassi

Architecture & women in public spaces


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Hugo Pilate

Design Research & Speculative Design

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Join us

Join us

Want to join Humankind?  We are currently looking for the following position:

 Don't see a position that applies to you?, we are always happy to meet people that want to make human and kind cities. If you are interested in a collaboration or you are a student looking for an internship, you can send us an email at

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