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The bicycle as a lever in the mobility transition.

Year: 2018-2019

Client: Rotterdam Municipality
Partners: DRIFT & Studio Bereikbaar

Bicycle Vision Rotterdam

Together with our partners at Drift and Studio Bereikbaar, we were asked by the City of Rotterdam to write the new bicycle vision for the city. Compared to other Dutch cities, Rotterdam has been considered as a car city as it was rebuilt after the Second World War to accommodate private car use. But a lot has changed and Rotterdam understood that in order to be sustainable and successful it needed to invest in the bicycle, the mode of transport of the future. 


The city already has a good network of cycling paths, especially seen in a global context. Therefore, wee looked beyond the hardware of the city, zooming in on the software and orgware. The result is not just a vision on the future, but a transition strategy to create tomorrow - today. We worked closely together with experts within the municipality, interviewed many Rotterdammers and professionals from around the country, and investigated how the bicycle can make a change in their lives and the lives of others. In the end, this is the ultimate goal.


The bicycle can get us beyond moving from A to B. It can work as a lever to accelerate the mobility transition. The bicycle strengthens the local economy, can be an inclusive and empowering mode of transport, stimulates mental and physical health, and of course is the sustainable and green option. But these strengths are also the weakness of the bicycle, as its benefits are falling under different municipal departments. To unlock the real power of the bicycle we focused on how we can work together between several departments to promote cycling.

We will publish an abstract in English soon and share some cool visuals we made as well. And more importantly, on our blog we will keep you up to date on how successful we are on making the cyclist - together with the pedestrian - the king of the road.