The bicycle as a lever in the mobility transition.

Year: 2018-2019

Client: Rotterdam Municipality
Partners: DRIFT & Studio Bereikbaar

Bicycle Vision Rotterdam

In 2018, we worked with DRIFT (Dutch Research Institute for Transitions), and Studio Bereikbaar on Rotterdam's Bicycle Vision. The main goal of the bicycle vision was to use cycling as a transition tool for Rotterdam mobility. Since cycling touches in so many fields (mobility, health, economy, livability), it can be used to take Rotterdam a step further.

The vision for Rotterdam’s mobility in 2025 is as follows: the number of trips taken by foot, bicycle or public transportation will be increased drastically, while the number of car journeys will be dropped. Of course, cars will still be used, but an increasing number of them will be emission-free and their speed will be limited. When it comes to cycling, the city wants to have a greater diversity of cyclists, as a reflection of the composition of the population. 

The vision focuses on different topics: the creation of small and fast routes, investment in supporting facilities, working with different stakeholders and organizations, and reaching to new target groups. Below, two of the efforts will be described.

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