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Co-learning Experiences

Turning everyone into a city maker

Sharing our learnings

We love to share our vision, our tools and our insights with as many people as possible. For the European Union we create online courses, but we also give tailor-made workshops, or walks. Everybody is a city maker, and we are here to give all citizens the tools to act like one.

Empowering the next generation

Being young is hard enough, been there, done that. But being young in the middle of a climate crisis is even harder. Our Young City Makers project creates a place for the new generation to discover how they can make a difference, to reflect, and create a hopeful human future.

Building internal capacity for change

Everybody understands the need to work in a multidisciplinary way. But creating change is not just a matter of exchanging (technical) information. To truly work together, we need to work on working together. By building trust, understanding each other’s background, speaking one shared language, in an environment that gives space to change, we help you do a better job.

Our impact

    3-Day masterclasses on cycling urbanism and the future of urban mobility.

    Tailor-made workshops and other presentations featuring interactive activities about urban change and transitions.

    Online courses on urban mobility, the future of urban areas, and other topics.

How can you apply futuring tools to urban mobility?

What we did

Are you looking for the right tools to design better public spaces? Contact Mario

Mario Raimondi Pruss

Partner / Urban Change Specialist

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