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Futures Exploration

Exploring alternative scenarios for our future cities.

Speculative Design & Design Futuring

We use tools and approaches from speculative design and design futures to imagine alternative scenarios for the future and make them tangible through prototypes and tactical interventions so we can translate the uncertainty that comes with tomorrow into choices and actions today.

Democractising images of the future

Imagination and popular images of the future tend to be on the hands of the few and created by either designers, companies or futurists. By bringing different people together to co-imagine how things could be we can create more nuanced and plural views of what a ‘better’ urban future can be.

Translating future uncertainties into today’s opportunities

We just don’t create thought-provoking images of the future. We create tangible futures that we can collectively experience in order to make better decisions about the futures we want to pursue (or avoid). These reflections are then backcasted to today and turned into clear roadmaps on how to achieve them.

Our impact

    Better understanding of the trends, weak signals and innovations shaping the future of our urban spaces;

    Tangible and experiential scenarios for the future in the form of prototypes, interventions or spatial experiences;

    Insights into the scenarios we want to pursue and avoid, with a better view on the threats, opportunities and challenges ahead;

    A roadmap or action plan on what strategies to pursue based on the scenarios we explored.

What if calmness became a non-negotiable of future cities?

What we did

Do you want to explore better urban futures? Contact Jorn

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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