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Tactical Urbanism and Placemaking

Exploring and testing the future of places

Tactical Urbanism

The goal of tactical urbanism is to catalyze positive change in urban environments by testing ideas quickly, gathering feedback from residents, and demonstrating the potential of larger, more permanent interventions. By allowing residents to actively participate in the improvement of their communities and by providing tangible examples of what is possible, tactical urbanism can help to foster a sense of ownership, creativity, and innovation in urban planning processes.


Placemaking shares much of its characteristics with tactical urbanism as a collaborative approach to urban planning, design, and management that focuses on creating and enhancing public spaces to improve the quality of life and strengthen communities. It specifically focuses on creating places that not only serve practical functions but also inspire a sense of place and belonging, identity, and pride among residents and visitors alike.

Our impact

    Spatial strategies that test scenarios for the future in the form of prototypes, interventions or spatial experiences;

    Human-centered ideation translated into design principles;

    Design & creative concepts that foster sense of place & belonging.

What if one simple kiosk could change the future of a neglected plaza?

What we did

Do you want to explore better urban futures? Contact Jorn

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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