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Urban Change Strategies and Activation

Facilitating complex urban transformations

Connecting long term thinking with short term action

There is a tactical gap between bigger visions and deeper explorations, and what it takes to make these changes a reality. Sometimes there are too many unknowns to make it a project but action is still needed. Based on a transition management approach we help turn initial explorations into concrete action plans.

Involving citizens and other actors

During the transition process we setup labs, organise workshops and co-create experiments with the community frontrunners and other actors that might be relevant to the project. This way, we can better understand the community’s needs, aspirations and ideas for the space.

Creating a shared language and alignment

By bringing storytelling to the beginning of the process and not as an afterthought, we can help you build the capacity and alignment on a shared vision. With a clear vision, the strategic plan and moves that we’ll need to get there become clearer.

Our impact

    Network analysis and overview of the drivers of change affecting the urban transformation;

    Backcasting from the scenarios to a strategic plan with a clear narrative for change and tactical actions;

    Creation of a vision shared by the different actors, including the communities mostly affected by the decisions;

    Setting up a platform for exploration and experimentation directly with the community, so ideas can be tried and tested quickly.

What if you could accelerate your transition simply by connecting already existing programs and ideas?

What we did

Are you stuck in figuring out the right steps towards an urban transition? Contact Jorn

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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