We help cities, organizations, brands and other change makers to tackle the most complex urban challenges. Let us guide you through the uncertainty of the transition towards a sustainable world and create a better future together!




Motivational talks on the importance of creating human & kind cities, how to create them, and get into action today. A great way to kick-off  or close your conference or event.


Looking for the latest on topics like mobility & public space, creating urban change, or make your organization future-ready through diversity & innovation and transition management? We organize tailor-made workshops that will get you into motion.


Discover how Rotterdam has reinvented itself and accelerated change towards a human & kind city. We visit different places in the city, by bicycle or foot, and learn about active mobility, inclusive public spaces, green rooftops, and social business incubators.

Vision & strategy


Urban visions & strategies

Want to be sure that your vision & strategy document does not end up in a drawer? We work based on transition management, and create impactful plans that lead to urban change, through urban experiments, tactical urbanism and other tools for change.

Participatory tools

Participation is the very basic when it comes to inclusive city making, and there are so many approaches to it. Let us help you facilitate productive co-creation sessions that leave noone behind and don’t want you to sleep a siesta too early in the afternoon.

Plan reviews

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to review your existing plans. We take care you won’t forget that important latest trend, interesting connection, potential for branding, fixing design flaws and making your project as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

Creative concepts

Humans can be convinced by numbers, but are most likely to be open to change when you speak to their heart. Storytelling and marketing must be an essential part of any project that seeks impact. 

Urban scans

Knowledge is power, but only if you measure the right metrics. We have the right approach and instruments to assess the urban environment. From quality research of public space to qualitative analysis of the city’s potential for urban trees using our smart tools. 

Social programs

City-making goes beyond the physical infrastructure. A human & kind city actively programs for different citizens with specific attention for those often forgotten. Let us help you create programs that activate people, through activities in your carefully designed park or around challenging topics like mental health and youth development.

Urban design


Urban planning
& design

Small-scale urban interventions can transform the larger urban context. We work together with the community and stakeholders to co-design and plan innovative urban projects that make impact on the entire city.

Urban experiments

Experimenting in the public space through tactical urbanism or social experiments can be a great way to gain knowledge and public support. Seeing is believing, and making people experience the future of city today is a great way to create change. We carefully help you design your experiment, avoiding backlash and creating high impact.

Product development

Innovation is at the heart of our company. If a product or tool that can lead to urban change does not exist yet, we partner up with creative companies to build it ourselves. We successfully created a modular parklet system and different smart tools to measure public space.