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We help cities, organizations, brands and other change makers to tackle the most complex urban challenges. Let us guide you through the uncertainty of the transition towards a sustainable world and create a better future together!

Future Imagination

Every change starts with imagining a better future. We are not in the business of forecasting or trying to predict the future. We translate future possibilities into present-day choices. It is up to us. Through images, insights, installations, workshops, apps, conversions, etc. We make sense of the future, and our human superpower: imagination.

+ Futuring

+ Front runners arena

+ Speculative design

+ Installations

+ Images

Research & Insights

Knowledge is power, but only if you measure the right metrics. We simplify the complexity of the city into tangible metrics. We make sure that different stakeholders understand and are able to utilize these insights. We use AI models, visit sites, observe urban life, analyze activity and infrastructure, and interview stakeholders to answer policy questions and urban challenges.

+ Active mobility analysis
+ Urban greenness
+ Trend reports
+ Best practices

Urban Change Strategy

Creating real impact won’t happen by just sticking post-its to a window or creating vast reports. We help you with creating the conditions and the agency to make change possible. Connecting vision(s), people, different domains, and actionable programs. Read more on how we make sense of complexity. 

+ Initial holistic thinking
+ Transition management
+ Alliance building
+ Backcasting
+ Transition therapy

Concept & Experiment

Bold ideas for change must be translated into experiences that citizens understand. Think of photoshop but in real life. These interventions allow people to experience the future and make them part of a shared story.  We can’t wait to share our experience with urban experiments and help you co-design your interventions.

+ Tactical urbanism
+ Acupunture design
+ Placemaking
+ Creative concepting
+ Storytelling


Our job is our passion and we love to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. We empower the next generation city makers, combining reflection and action. We create online courses and educational programs with a focus on tools for change, and we give presentations all around the world.


+ Young City Makers
+ Online courses
+ Educational programs
+ Presentations

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