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Humankind offers a range of tours for planners, engineers, city officials, academics and urban enthusiasts who are curious to learn more about the built environment of Rotterdam.
We share the story of Rotterdam: a story of change. We focus on urban regeneration of the city in the recent decade and provide you with concrete examples that will help you improve your own city. Above all, we provide an inspirational visit which shows the lessons learned in Rotterdam, with a focus on mobility, public spaces, experiments, and tactical urbanism.
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An in-depth urban bicycle tour through Rotterdam, where you will learn about the current urban trends, bicycle infrastructure and culture, and the city’s innovative urban design. You will be inspired by Rotterdam’s iconic architecture and recent developments in public spaces and sustainable mobility; Think of pedestrian bridges, two-way streets for cars that have been transformed into one way-car street and two-lane bicycles street, or former car parking spaces that are being transformed into bicycle parking spaces.


This tour will be perfect for parties that are looking for an inspirational morning or midday in Rotterdam whilst being inspired and learn from Rotterdam as a changemaking and innovative city.


Price per tour: €500 excl. VAT. Up to 15 people. Bicycles are not included in the price, but we are happy to help you rent a bicycle.

The Humankind Tailored Study Trip is a perfect inspirational urban study trip for planners, architecture enthusiasts, engineers, city officials, academics and businesses. Within the tailored Study Trip, we offer you a trip that touches on subjects such as mobility, bicycle, and pedestrian-friendly design, transformation in urban development, tactical urbanism and sustainability. With a focus on both bottom-up initiatives and large-scale projects, we provide a tour with a broad view within the current landscape of Rotterdam.


This study trip can be tailored to a focus on the subjects that interest you the most. We can provide you with bikes for the trip.


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Rotterdam has gone through a substantial transition over the past decades, from post-war modernism (1950 -1960s) to the today’s successful, people-friendly urban environment. Rotterdam now focuses on creating wholesome and public living in a healthy city where architecture touches subjects such as families in the city, mobility, and sustainability. Within the designs of both the urban plan and the architecture of the city, this new urgency for these subjects is being shown through tactical urbanism such as a walking bridge for pedestrians (De Luchtsingel) and new housing projects that will include apartments for families.

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We will be happy to work with you and create an inspiring tour in Rotterdam. You can contact us by email ( or by filling up the form: