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Hello, we are Humankind, agency for urban change. We create cities that are human and kind to ourselves, others and our planet.

We are living challenging times. Cities play a central role in the future of humankind and are hubs for positive change. They can foster sustainable presents and better futures. Let us show you how.

Impact Areas

We focus our attention and impact on three key areas

Can we accelerate the
mobility transition?
Public Space
What defines a 'good'
public space?
How can the city
facilitate people's well-being?

How we can help you

We work in a multidisciplinary way and treat each project as unique. In doing so, we tailor our approach and services for each challenge.

  • Good Public Space Analysis and Workshop
    The Good Public Space Analysis is a model that combines spatial and human behaviour observations to cross-check the original designs of public areas against its actual uses in real life. The analysis provides observations, action points and maps, and can also be combined with a practical, interactive workshop. Powered by human imagination and AI, the workshop introduces a new way of looking at and thinking of public space, helping practitioners and citizens alike in better understanding the relationships people have with public spaces. Learn more
  • Citizen Experience (CX)
    Citizen Experience is a qualitative research approach to understand how new technologies, ideas and services influence citizens and their contexts, future-proofing innovation. If User Experience (UX) deals with the interactions and meanings between a product and its users, Citizen Experience (CX) explores the interactions and meanings between people, the places they inhabit, and the elements that alter or affect their contexts. Learn more
  • Tactical Urbanism and Placemaking
    Tactical urbanism and placemaking equip urban planners and other city makers with the means to envision and test the future of public spaces. We assist cities in developing intervention strategies that deliver human-centered design principles, enhancing quality of life, and fostering a sense of place and belonging. Learn More
  • Urban Change Strategies and Activation
    Using frameworks like the Theory of Change or Transition Management, we connect strategy and innovation, driving forward processes of change. Setting up labs or workshops, researching with stakeholders, mapping actors or creating visions, together with our clients we improve strategic plans, create action points and principles and contribute to understanding the drivers of change and how they impact people and their contexts. Learn More
  • Co-learning experiences
    From 3-day masterclasses on cycling urbanism, to tailor-made workshops on the future of the city, to neighborhood walks, to online courses. Our learning projects and events aim to empower city-makers of all ages and backgrounds with new methodologies, tools and ways of thinking the city. Learn More

Selection of work

From moving people beyond A to B, through planning for cycling and walking, to creating healthy cities for young and old. We create visions and turn them into actions.


Our upcoming courses, masterclass and other events.

DTCC 2023 _ Square.png

Designing the Cycling City –
The Masterclass

18 - 20 September 2024 | Rotterdam, NL

Through a combination of presentations, lectures by well-known practitioners and researchers, cycling tours and practical sessions, this Masterclass takes the participants through a deep dive into the Dutch approach to cycling urbanism – arguably one of the most successful in the world.


Diseñando la Ciudad Activa –
The Masterclass

10 - 12 de abril 2024 en Barcelona, España 

Mediante una combinación de presentaciones, conferencias de profesionales e investigadores, recorridos en bicicleta y sesiones prácticas, esta Masterclass sumerge a los participantes en un ejercicio de repensar la ciudad desde la movilidad activa, adaptando las herramientas y aprendizajes del urbanismo ciclista holandés al contexto del estado español.

Future of Mobility bck.gif

Beyond Flying Cars: 
Co-imagining Mobility Futures

2024 | Rotterdam, NL

Beyond Flying Cars - the Masterclass on Co-Imagining Urban Mobility Futures is a three-day intensive futuring course on accelerating the urban mobility transition, co-creating our collective futures through speculative design.

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Remaking the Street Summer School

2024 | Munich, DE / Rotterdam, NL 

A summer school geared towards impact spread through four modules: modules 1 and 2 online at your own pace, module 3 in-residence in Munich, Germany, at the Technical University Munich, and module 4 in-residence in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at Humankind HQ


Clients & Partners

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