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The Car That Wanted
to be a Bike
The world is changing, and sometimes it's difficult to fit in. Johnny, a lovely and friendly car, experiences it firsthand. One day, Johnny's family finds out how nice it is to use a bicycle instead of a car. Johnny misses his family and dreams of becoming a bike. Can Johnny turn into a two-wheeler? How does his family react? Can Johnny find a new purpose in life?
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Finally, a children's book about the joy of cycling and the future of cities.

Let's change the way our children view cities and mobility. Read this 36-page fully illustrated book with your child (3-6). Follow the car on his journey to become... a bicycle. 

Author: Lior Steinberg

Lior Steinberg is an urban planner and co-founder of Humankind. He helps cities to look beyond functionality and to plan urban spaces that make people smile. All the projects Lior participates in have one thing in common: they create people-oriented cities. Being a Jane Jacobs' enthusiast and a fan of great public spaces, he is keen on making cities better with an emphasis on local, innovative interventions and on including residents in urban planning.

Illustrator: Rita Kruglova

Rita Kruglova is a brilliant illustrator who draws characters and places in a unique style. Rita turned the story into magnificent, colorful illustrations.

Buy the book

We recommend purchasing the book at your favorite local bookshop. They can also order it for you. The book is available for international distribution.

Want to know more about the book? Want to sell it at your shop? Contact Lior. 

Lior Steinberg

Co-founder & Urban Planner

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