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I recently rediscovered Douglas Rushkoff, reading an interview of him with Nomad Magazine, after being introduced to his work during my New Media & Digital Cultures studies at Utrecht University. Rushkoff is a digital theorist and veteran cyberpunk and is on a mission. He claims our focus on technological development means we’ve lost sight of what was supposed to be the whole point of all this tech in the first place: making life better for humans. His TED-talk is a beautiful and powerful call to join Team Human, and really worth 12:23 of your time. Especially now.

“Human beings are special, we can embrace ambiguity, we can understand paradox. We are conscious, we are weird, we are quirky. Being human is a team sport. [...] We need to promote creativity and novelty to come up with the solutions to actually get ourselves out of the mess that we are in. We need to spend time to make the earth a place that we don’t feel the need to escape from. There is no escape, there is only one thing going on. Please, don’t leave, join us. We may not be perfect, but whatever happens, at least you won’t be alone. Join Team Human, find the others. Together, let’s make the future that we always wanted.”

Rushkoff hosts an amazing podcast as well, called: Team Human

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