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Rotterdam Presents: The Pride Parklet

Last weekend we celebrated cultural and sexual diversity during Rotterdam Pride by opening the very first Pride Parklet. Our modular PRKLT turns parking space into space for pride. We love to change grey streets into places for people, adding greenery, seating, and all colors of the rainbow.

Rotterdam's Pride Parklet. Picture by Loes van Duijvendijk.

Using the PRKLT, a modular parklet that fits in parking spaces, we chose a strategic location: right in the city center, in front of the famous gay club Ferry. We asked our friends at Opperclaes to give it a new look that will send a message of openness and pride and placed the parklet at the night before the pride parade

The municipality of Rotterdam is working on eliminating hundreds of parking spaces around the city. The plan is to make way for more trees, sidewalks, bike parking, and other amenities. Humankind uses parklets to streamline the change. By testing different uses for a short period, residents can try out how their street will look once the parking spaces are permanently removed.

Since PRKLT is modular, we can add plenty of specific uses into a small parking space. In this version, we included sitting places and a variety of planters. The idea is to show that if we shift from the car-centric paradigm, we can provide to all residents a better quality of life. Our cities can be greener, healthier, and welcoming if we just give more space for people. After a trial period, the city can asses the results and apply a permanent solution.

The connection between mobility and gender are well documented. Gender differences in travel patterns, followed by decades of male-dominated traffic planning, affect the way we live and move in cities. Moving away from car-centric planning is not only just, but will also help to create better and nicer space for all genders & sexualities.

Humankind team tries out the pride parklet. Picture by Loes van Duijvendijk.

This is only the first step. We are currently looking at ways to improve how LGBTQI+ community feels in public space. Let’s create more space for pride for all!



Lior Steinberg

Co-founder & Urban Planner

Lior Steinberg is an urban planner. He helps cities to look beyond functionality and to plan urban spaces that make people smile. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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