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Stockholm’s most bicycle-friendly bench?

Wednesday evening, two weeks ago, I grabbed a light beer and a hotdog outside of Hornstull metro station, before entering a concert by Metronomy. Well, a 3.5% beer is not the biggest treat, but when I came upon a couple of benches/bicycle-parking-racks, I couldn’t be more excited:

 There are even two bicycle pumps

Stockholm is not a world leader in bicycle infrastructure. Even the new lanes built in the city are ridiculously narrow (I plan to write soon a post about some of the worst bicycle lanes here). This bicycle parking rack is, therefore, a nice surprise among an overall average infrastructure around the city.

Planning new locations for bicycle racks can be a headache for any city planner. On the one hand, they need to be close to shops and offices, so people would be tempted to use their bikes. But on the other hand, pedestrians might get frustrated by so many bikes on the sidewalk. These benches, however, show how people and bicycles can live in harmony!

Now, can someone show me a car park that is so human-friendly?



Lior Steinberg

Co-founder & Urban Planner

Lior Steinberg is an urban planner. He helps cities to look beyond functionality and to plan urban spaces that make people smile. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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