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Humankind HQ

Delftseplein 36
3013 AA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 3302 3572

From moving people beyond A to B, through planning for cycling and walking, to creating healthy cities for young and old. We create visions and turn them into actions.

How we create urban change




From grey to colorful green.

PRKLT – Modular Parklet

What makes Rotterdam a unique place to cycle in?

National Cycling Congress

This court is used not only by the school’s students and staff but also by the neighborhood’s residents.

Noorderpoort Court

Walking in Rotterdam through the lens of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

National Walking Congress

Co-creating a public gym for all citizens.

Oosterkade Urban Gym

Make a neighborhood more playful, sportive & active.

Move & Play, Groningen

The bicycle as a lever in the mobility transition.

Bicycle Vision Rotterdam

Meeting with several municipalities on creating better cities for people.

Humankind Visits Slovakia

Pop-up gym raises awareness about urban happiness and training both the body and the mind.

Let’s Gro Gym

Transforming leftover space into a place for people.

Happy Groene Hilledijk

Creating a flexible playground and sports area.


Turning a road into a place for people.

Happy Streets Wilhelminapier

We can improve our quality of life if we have a bigger say in what our city looks like

TEDx : Including Residents in Urban Planning

Celebrating pedestrians with a work of art.

Creative Crosswalk

Accelerating the transition towards a successful, sustainable and inclusive Rosario by pedal power.

Urban Cycling Lab Rosario

Work program for Groningen's Internationalisation.

International Groningen

Providing a set of concrete knowledge and capacity building tools.

Urban Change Course