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Future Imagination
Tapping into human creativity to make sense of the future
Every change starts with imagining a better future. Instead of forecasting or trying to predict it, we translate future possibilities into present-day choices. It is up to us to make sense of what’s to come using our human superpower: imagination.
Imagining a new tomorrow

Futures don't magically happen. They are actively created by our thoughts, dreams, and plans. We know we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. So we should equip ourselves with the tools to deal with uncertainty and actively create a new bright tomorrow.

Design & creative tools

Our experts know what is needed to unleash your imagination. Creating the right conditions, offering the best design and creative tools to lead you through the exciting process of exploring the future.

Co-creating the future today

We believe that designing the future should be an open, inviting process that brings in as many people as possible. By organizing workshops, developing tangible experiences, and testing ideas we democratise the future, making sure everyone is involved.

What if the Gym were a place to train both the body and the mind?

Pop-up gym to raise awareness about urban happiness

What we can do for you

Take a daytrip to the future

Make your off-site inspirational and exiting. We give you a taste of the future. And a really good time.

Experiential visions

Looking for a deep-dive into tomorrow? Exploring the future of mobility, (mental) health, or other urban topics. Let us guide you.

Piloting alternative futures

Participatory processes are great opportunities to experiment with the future. Let people experience the future.

Are you ready to create the future? Interested in how we can help you shape it? Contact Jorn.

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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