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Our Services

We work in a multidisciplinary way and treat each project as unique. In doing so, we tailor our approach and services for each challenge.

How we can help you

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Good Public Space Analysis and Workshop


The Good Public Space Analysis is a model that combines spatial and human behaviour observations to cross-check the original designs of public areas.

The analysis provides observations, action points and maps, and can also be combined with a practical, interactive workshop.

Citizen Experience


Citizen Experience is a qualitative research approach to understand how new technologies, ideas and services influence citizens and their contexts, future-proofing innovation.

Tactical urbanism & Placemaking


Tactical urbanism and placemaking equip urban planners and other city makers with the means to envision and test the future of public spaces.

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Urban change strategies & activation


Using frameworks like the Theory of Change or Transition Management, we connect strategy and innovation, driving forward processes of change. 


Setting up labs or workshops, researching with stakeholders, mapping actors or creating visions, together with our clients

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Co-learning experiences


From 3-day masterclasses on cycling urbanism, to tailor-made workshops on the future of the city, to neighbourhood walks, to online courses.

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