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Year: 2010

Empower Girls Out of Poverty in Argentina

Using the power of sports for development

Sports has the power to change the world. And if you are a girl living in poverty in Argentina you need a lot of life skills to be able to deal with your current situation and create a better future. Many girls in Rosario are at risks due to drug dealers gangs, criminality and gender violence. But through hockey, girls can create a support network that allows them to stay at school, avoid criminality, addictions and have a healthy lifestyle. All this at the same time they are having fun!


The girls we work together with our local non-profit partner El Desafío Foundation with are living in a context of social exclusion due to their situation of poverty, dysfunctional families and a district where violence reigns, unemployment, drug dealers, abuse and truancy. And in that context they are the most vulnerable, having serious problems to communicate and understand the needed attitudes and life skills to develop and create a better future. We reach directly 50 girls from 12 to 18 years old trough this program.


Participants will develop life skills needed to get in control of their present and create a future. The sport program brings them support, self-esteem and confidence so they can set higher goals for themselves. They not only receive sports training, but leadership and life skills that allows them to become young coaches and role models for the youngest generations. Twice a week there are field hockey trainings with a well-thought methodology behind.

Long-Term Impact

Perhaps the most important impact is actually to recover hope and faith that good things can and will happen if you really do your best. Soms Argentineans lost faith and have the idea that 'things won't change and always be like this'. Showing that change is possible and visible, gives people no argument to keep on believing such thing.

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