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Year: 2019

Client: Municipality of Groningen

Moving Vision Groningen

Recipes for an active future for all

The City of Groningen is a global frontrunner in becoming an active city. It has invested for years in the design and realization of physical exercise places in the public space. However, Groningen has also realized that in order to create truly inclusive public spaces, it has to design and activate public spaces for all ages and groups.

To do so, we were asked to develop a manual book for active, playful, and inviting public spaces. Based on open data provided, observations, interviews, literature review, and a breakfast session with local stakeholders, we created an integral approach that identifies the missing links and connects between fields and departments.

The goal is to make the public space active and inclusive and make the existing sports facilities more public. An open sports park offers opportunities to add both sporting and social value and to ensure more effective use, especially during the day. This may involve the physical opening of the sports facilities (gate open to everyone) or the social opening of sports parks by offering various activities to non-members as well. The city can become one big urban gym or sports club, by connecting the different places using Groningen often excellent infrastructure for active mobility.

The manual is a recipe book for high-quality and future-proof sports, play, exercise and meeting places. It is a practical tool for design, activation and participation in public space with various examples of successful exercise places in public space. Multifunctionality and flexibility by design is the core of future public space in Groningen.

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