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Year: 2016

Client: Groningen Municipality

Oosterkade Urban Gym

Co-creating a public gym for all citizens.

In 2015, we were asked to plan the Oosterkade area in Groningen, the Netherlands. Oosterkade is located by a canal that runs around the city center. The plan and implementation were carried out together with the local municipality.


The goal was to rethink the area as an attractive destination for different groups and activities, during all times of the day. By involving local residents and stakeholders in the design process, we created a plan that suitable to locals and visitors.


The redesigned Oosterkade was opened in May 2016. It includes a new basketball field, urban gym, and a playground. All facilities can be used by different age groups, making Oosterkade it a lively place throughout the day.  Designed together with Stadsontwerp Gemeente Groningen.

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