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Year: 2020

Client: Tel Aviv Municiaplity & Van Leer Foundation

Partners: Nadel Roizin architects

Places for People, Basel Square

From parking cars to playing children in Tel Aviv

During the first wave of the COVID-19, Tel Aviv municipality announced it would close off 11 streets for cars to allow more space for people to move, play, and meet outside safely. However, limiting car access is not enough to make a street inviting. The city wanted to create a welcoming outdoor space, where families and children can sit outside.

The municipality and Bernard van Leer Foundation asked Humankind and Nadel Roizin Architects to come up with a quick intervention that will make Basel Square more colorful, inviting, and playful. We designed two wooden elements to allow people to sit, meet each other, relax, and play outside.

Within a couple of weeks, the intervention was in place, and families from the neighborhood visit it daily. At the end of the day, we always prefer playing children over parking cars.

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