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Year: 2020

Quantifying Urban Greenness

Obtaining the greenness of each street and neighbourhood in the largest Dutch cities

Putting a number on a street design is like grading art: it’s complex and mostly subjective. This is even more complicated when we try to measure urban virtues like beauty, comfort or safety. Luckily, technology allows us to unleash at least some of these features.

In this research, we tried to explore an important issue: the greenness of streets. We explored the seven most populated cities in the Netherlands. Using open-source data, we could obtain the greenness of each street and neighbourhood in these cities.

We hope that it will help urbanists and decision-makers to better understand the green dynamics of these cities.

This is just the beginning of this research. We are currently working on measuring the quality of green elements, as well as mapping the green view from buildings.

Download here: English | Dutch

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