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We work with City Hall and municipal agencies are on the front line of development.

Urban Change Course

Providing a set of concrete knowledge and capacity building tools.

Worldwide cities are growing and becoming increasingly chaotic and unmanageable. It is a challenge to keep our cities on the move. Climate change, shifting demographics and the rising service economy lead to structural changes in mobility and transport needs. As many cities are daily confronted with polluted air, traffic congestion and social exclusion, a number have already started to create livelier and more inclusive public spaces.

However, in spite of the best intentions, these efforts do not always meet success. It is thus time to radically transform our mobility system. We now have the opportunity to make a deliberate choice for sustainable mobility and to make sure that it is accessible to everyone.
The solutions already exist. While new technologies have a part in this, we also believe in stimulating active

transport such as walking and cycling in combination
 with a whole range of smart interventions in the city’s  urban topography. We call that happy mobility, and we are determined to create a city on a human scale, for everyone.

Happy mobility is a crucial link to achieving a happy city. It orients a city towards its human elements, with plenty of spaces for kids to play, with active travel keeping people fit and in good moods and with many possibilities to strengthen the social fabric.

Cities that invest in happy mobility find that the results benefit the entire spectrum of the city. Millions can be saved by fostering an improved mobility system. Not only can costs related to infrastructure be reduced, but also the burden to the health system is lowered. Among numerous other advantages, cities with happy mobility tend to prosper and develop a competitive edge.


We provide a set of concrete knowledge and capacity building tools. This is based on the format of an interactive workshop that we deliver in your city, on your premises.

Our standard package consists of a full day exploring the future of your city together. See the components listed to the right.

We also provide several exciting add-ons: Transition management plan with an active mobility strategy; Storytelling to develop a future narrative; City-pairing with international networks; The funding cycle and economic planning.

We work with City Hall and municipal agencies are on the front line of development. Governmental institutions, businesses, NGOs and academic institutions are also important partners in gaining momentum for urban change. Every package is tailored to the needs and wishes of the target group.

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