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Citizen Experience

Looking at public space from the citizen’s perspective.

Design Research & Ethnography

Applying design research and ethnographic tools to the public space to understand citizen’s experience and how are their needs and desires are being facilitated (or not) by the built environment.

Beyond hard data and into human stories

If you really want to design good public space, you need to the understand the humans who use it. And part of it is understanding how involves understanding the stories, the contradictions, the paradoxes, the memories and narratives that we create around the spaces we walk by.

Strong research and storytelling foundation

Understanding the citizen’s experience through a city can function as a solid research and storytelling foundation for new service or spatial concepts.

Our impact

    Understanding of the citizens journey, their pain points, needs and experiences;

    Analysing the ‘backend’ of the city, the touchpoints and how it is facilitating (or not) the citizen’s needs;

    Rich data through interviews and observations on citizen’s (emotional) journey the public space;

    Clear design principles that are backed by research and give direction to initial service and spatial concepts.

What are the memories and stories that shape a place?

What we did

Do you want to better understand how public space is used and the citizen's that use it? Contact Jorn.

Jorn Wemmenhove

Co-founder & Creative Strategist

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